Global Mineral Resources
Global Mineral Resources Corp.


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The company is a late stage gold and silver mining company; conducting exploration and drilling programs on its properties in order to convert historical estimates into mineral resources and complete preliminary economic assessments to determine potential economic viability.

Mines Act Permit Number: MX-5-90
Approval # 12-0500090-0830
Property: Red Elephant
Drilling: 4,000m


With its proven and experienced management team, geological expertise, local knowledge and integration in the resource rich country of Canada, GMR Global Mineral Resources Corp. is commercializing gold and silver bearing mineral claims that had been active mines in the past but were not fully exploited.

Canada is the world's largest exporter of minerals and metals. Canada's mining sector is considered a pillar of the economy and a way of life for Canadians. Canada is the leading producer and exporter of potash (world's largest and richest reserves), the leading supplier of uranium, the second-largest producer of asbestos (possibly the largest deposits) and sulfur (17% of world output and 38% of world trade), the third-largest in titanium, platinum-group metals (PGMs) and mine zinc, fourth in aluminum (from imported oxide), fifth in copper, lead, silver, and gold, and among the leading producers of nickel, salt, and nitrogen in ammonia.